Weekly, Double Sided, 3 3/8 x 8 1/4, TB9190


Double sided time cards are perfect for companies using a weekly pay period.


Product Description

PaperCloud TB9190 Time Card

These double-sided time cards are a convenient way for your workers to take responsibility for recording their own ins and outs. Each card has a place to record regular hours, overtimes, and any time out or lost time. There are also spaces to write in the employee’s name, number and the pay period ending date. The TB9190 card can be used in many front loading time clocks made by Acroprint, Amano, Cincinnati, Lathem, Simplex, and more.

Easy to Read Green ink on the front and red ink on the back is printed strong and clear. Easy to read sections means that your employees will have no problem punching in the correct spaces. This weekly card starts with Monday and goes through Sunday on the front.

Durable These TB9190 cards are strong enough to withstand handling by employees or repeated uses in a time clock. All PaperCloud time cards are rotary slit which ensures crisp edges without the paper dust that a guillotine cutting process can create. Protect your investment in your time clock!

Convenient You can be sure you always have these time cards on hand, as they come in packs of 100, 500, or 1000. Their convenient size also makes it easy to store them close to the time clock or payroll area, so you can grab one anytime.


This card is comparable to K1415, K14-15, TOPS1260, Adams 9664, OfficeMax 20467184, and Office Depot 496315

Time Clocks

Use the TB9190 in these time clocks and others:

  • Acroprint 125
  • Acroprint 150
  • Acroprint 175
  • Acroprint ES700
  • Acroprint ES900
  • Acroprint ESP180
  • Amano PIX
  • Amano TCX Series
  • Cincinnati 1000
  • Cincinnati 10000
  • Lathem 900E
  • Lathem 1200 Series
  • Lathem 1500E
  • Lathem 2000 Series
  • Lathem 4000 Series
  • Lathem 5000EP
  • Simplex KCF
  • Simplex KCG
  • Simplex JCG
  • Simplex JCP
  • Simplex 2500R

Time Card Size

This time card is 3.375 (3 3/8) inches wide and 8.25 (8 1/4) inches tall.

High Quality

All PaperCloud time cards are made to the highest standard to meet or exceed original specifications. All of our time cards are rotary slit for accuracy and produced according to the time clock manufacturer’s specifications. We print on high quality manila stock.

PaperCloud Software

PaperCloud works with TB9190All PaperCloud time cards come with a free PaperCloud account. Use this software to input and store hours from your time cards. Easily export the data to the payroll system of your choice. PaperCloud comes with many options and is free to use, forever! Add employees, departments, and time card data. Run summary and batch reports by pay period and export or email time card data. All accounts come with lifetime free customer support.

For more information please see our PaperCloud Software page!

Made in the USA!

All PaperCloud time cards are printed and manufactured in the United States, unlike much of the competition. We maintain high quality and low prices right here in America!

Additional information

Weight N/A
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100, 500, 1000


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