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About Activehours

[tm_quote style="2"]Processing Point has teamed up with Activehours, a service that allows your employees to receive money ahead of payday based on the hours they've worked, to bring their service to all of our PaperCloud customers. [/tm_quote]

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What Is It?

Activehours is a service that lets you get your paycheck on demand. With their app, you keep track of the hours you have already worked, and then decide when and how often you get your pay. You don’t have to wait around for payday to get the money you already earned. There are no fees to you or your employees, just the option of a tip if they choose.

Their Story

Activehours was born from the simple idea that no one should have to wait weeks to get their pay when they've already earned it. In a world where smartphones let us get a ride or a meal in minutes, there's no reason for us to wait for payday anymore. Every year, in the U.S. alone, over $1 trillion of hourly pay waits for two weeks before getting paid out. Their service creates a way to cut through the slowness of our financial system and let you get your pay.

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